Sunday, September 27, 2009

Weekend Fun

For my first weekend in Florence I kept a pretty open schedule. I caught up on most television programs that I would be missing. I found a site that allows me to watch them even though I am outside of North America, I will not reveal their address because if they went down I wouldn't know what to do with myself. Thursday was the night of the Ferarris. Friday started with a search for knock off jerseys for the football match on Tuesday and I spent the afternoon reading economics. We went to the Ponte Vecchio to go out for dinner and, believe it or not, I had my first plate of Spaghetti Ragu (spaghetti with meat sauce) it was tasty but the sauce was a lot thinner than I am used to. We spent the evening watching movies and TV shows that we were missing from home. Saturday was a day for homework and a night for clubbing, we were headed to Disco Space Electronica. It was to be an epic evening. we left for the club around 11:20 and arrived early, apparently the dance floor didn't open to midnight. We left around one because one of my roommates didn't like the guy to girl ratio, I thought that it was fine but I wasn't gonna let him leave on his own. Sunday has been for sleeping, eating, messing around, and doing homework; and watching the stats of the Seahawks game.

Knockoff Jersey


Castle with Clocktower

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  1. Sorry we missed your call yesterday, we were out running errands and didn't hear it :(
    Have a great week of school... and enjoy the futbol game on Tuesday.
    Mom and Dad, Analisa