Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First Week in Florence

Well I've been in Florence for a week. It has been a busy one with with classes starting last Thursday. As of now I am enrolled in Ethics, Marketing, Operations, Italian, and a class on the global economy. It is a tough schedule on Mondays but on all other days its pretty light, on Wednesdays I only have Italian class. We don't have class on Fridays, so we had an orientation of sorts last Friday and we took our group picture. We used a tourist laundry service when we first arrived, 6 Euro for every 5 Kg of clothes and 24 hours later you had fresh clothes, it felt amazing to finally have clean clothes. Florence is beautiful and I haven't even seen that much of it. I have been by the Duomo at least half a dozen times, never in the daylight so I have yet to take a good picture. Saturday and Sunday we had a basketball tournament against the Italians, I shot around but didn't actually participate in the games. Over the weekend we had to feed ourselves so we discovered Il Panda, a Chinese takeout place not to far from our pesione, its not great tasting but it is cheap. Today we bought tickets to see Fiorentina verses Liverpool for next Tuesday, I can't wait! I don't have a lot of pictures to show for my first week in Florence but I am hoping to change that after this weekend, which for me starts tomorrow at two.

My room in the pesione

My bed

All of the basketball players


  1. Nice bright room- from Analisa, as she heads off to youth group. Is that going to be a soccer game? Looking forward to seeing pictures of Florence- the Duomo :)
    Dad (and Mom too)

  2. Hi Adrian -- do you have your room to yourself, or do you have a roommate? I wish I could have some cannoli!

  3. We share the room between three of us.