Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fiorentina vs. Liverpool

Tonight was one of the most exciting sporting events I ever attended. It was a blast, we all had imitation jerseys and scarves, there were at least forty Gonzaga students all siting in one section. It was an exciting match with a lot of close calls that made this game great. Jovetic scored two goals in the first half and that is all that they would need. Liverpool put on the pressure in the second half but they still couldn't score. Final Score 2 - 0, Fiorentina shocks Liverpool.

Before the game

Kepfer, Doty, and Norris

Me and Tim

Final Score


  1. Bet that cute girl isn't called Tim.

  2. Don't remember her name, she's with the GIF program though

  3. Having seen what it was like in Seattle for the professional soccer game, I'm sure it was exciting and colorful- and they loved beating Liverpool :)

  4. her name could be Timmy or Timmie or something like that. I know a Bobbie and a Stevie so who knows. (Just kidding Adrian.) Totally enjoy your blog and I just sent it to Phil so he can start enjoying it as well. Phil is thinking he would like to study abroad for a semester as well.