Tuesday, October 13, 2009

GROM: Best gelato in Florence

Florence is famous for it's gelato and of all the places I've been told to go, GROM is the best, I go there atleast once a week. GROM uses only fresh ingredients with only natural flavor and colors. Every few months they rotate their seasonal flavors, at the start of October they rotated in Pear, Apple and Carmel. They also have some flavors that they can make fresh year round, Pistachio, Chocolate, Coffee, and some other cream based flavors. They are famous for their signature flavor, Creme de Grom, which is almost impossible to describe. It is a sweet cream with pieces of dark chocolate and their own gram cracker cookies mixed in, it is amazing. Although GROM's quality is head and shoulders above the rest, they still keep their prices low. It is located one block southeast of the Duomo, so if you are ever in Florence you know where to go.


Kepfer and his Gelato

Kepfer's cone: Nougat, Creme de Grom, and Pistachio


  1. What's your favorite flavor? I'd love to try the pear!

  2. Okay my mouth is watering just from reading your description. If I could try just one, the creme de grom sounds amazing. How long of a walk is it from your pension? I see a bike in front of the Grom, do many people ride bikes for transportation down those narrow streets?

  3. I love their extra dark chocolate with either mint, creme de grom, or caramel. It is a 10 to 15 minute walk. People often ride bikes or scooters to get around town.

  4. Hope you are having fun in the south of Italy this weekend! We are reading about it in our Italy book and are amazed at the beauty.
    Mom and Dad