Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today will go down in history as one of the best day trips I have gone on while in Florence. To get to Perugia and all other non-chocolate related expenses only cost me 25 euro, included in that is the five euro chococard that entitles the holder to many freebies and free samples at all the booths at the festival. My first stop was right off the escalator, there was a booth for Droste of Holland, I was ready to make my first purchase, to much of a lekkerbek not to buy the Dutch chocolate. After that it was straight to a stand that was selling European hot chocolate, which is basically the texture of pudding but super hot, you have to drink it with a spoon and hope that it doesn't cool to the point of becoming solid again. From that point we went on a mission to get as many free samples and freebies as we could before we left, of course we took a lunch break (slice of pizza for 1.35), we got to almost every freebie and had tons of samples.

As we were walking we ran into another group of students who mentioned a must, two kinds of chocolate beer, I made that my #1 priority. We found the stand, they had a chocolate stout on tap and Old Tom Chocolate Ale bottles, I got a glass of the stout and a bottle of the chocolate ale, I'm saving the ale for later. I have been spoiled by Iron Horse Brewery in Ellensburg, WA. They make a beer called Mocha Death, an ale that tastes of chocolate and coffee, and the stout came no where close to matching that, I haven't tried the ale but I hope that it fares better. After that it was time to stop for a chocolate covered apple which I just at while writing... no guilt, its a fruit. After that it was time to catch the bus to the train station and head home.

Droste of Holland and Me

Doty, Steph, and Me

Beer and chocolate

Chocolate Stout and Me


  1. Your dad is drooling with envy.

  2. Shoe museum, chocolate festival -- you're on a roll. What a great week!