Saturday, November 14, 2009

Yarn Hunt - The Kepfers come for a Visit

Its been a while since I've really had enough time to post or do anything worth posting about, but over the last two weeks I've squeezed in little things here and there. Starting with the hunt for Italian yarn and ending with Matt's family visiting Florence for the over the last week.

The first think I did was to start a hunt for Italian yarn or knitting magazines, my aunt loves to knit and loves to get knitting magazines or yarn from places when people go there. These things are light and would be easy to fit in a suitcase so I asked her if there was anything that she would like from Italy and she provided me with a short list of items and locations to try looking for them and I did the footwork. Both the places that she listed were within walking distance so I went on a scavenger hunt to find them. I found them both but one was more of a neighborhood store that sold yarn along with other things, while the other was a yarn store that had been there for over 40 years and still was owned by the same family. I went in and asked for the items on the list just to see if they had them and discovered how much more I needed to learn in Italian. They had one thing on the list, an Italian knitting magazine, so I got that and will be bringing it home for her, I put it in the front pocket of my green suitcase, I may not remember in another month so someone else may have to remind me.

Yarn store window

As of last Monday Matt's parents came for a visit, they leave this coming Monday and they will be missed. They brought me three shirts when they came and they are really nice. On Tuesday we took them to Acqua al 2, a restaurant that can be found both here and in San Diego, it is very good. On Thursday it was a trip to Edi House, one of our favorite pizza places in Florence. On Friday we went to Za Za's and I had ravioli in a creamy walnut sauce, delicious. Saturday(today) we went to Boboli Gardens and then went to this little restaurant that they found earlier in the week. The birds were out in full force at Boboli Gardens. The restaurant was economical enough that i will probably go back and eat there again on my own. I had pasta with ragu and steak with arugula and Parmesan. This was my first taste of steak since I've been home, it was the best thing i have tasted since I've been here.

Matt and his dad

Ducks at Boboli

Crane in the fountain

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  1. So nice to talk to you on Skype today, and wonderful to see your face and hear your voice at the same time. We are thankful to Matt's parents for their kindness towards you.